Empower your frontline staff to help you grow a thriving business!

Do you worry that you’re missing out on maximizing sales with customers?  Are you getting negative reviews online from customers who have received poor service?  Do you lack an automated system to engage with new prospects and build client loyalty?

Effective customer service needs a system.  And that system begins (and ends) with your frontline staff. Inquire today about our proprietary training system for frontline staff: FrontLine Pro.

You rely on your frontline staff as the first point of contact with new and existing clients.  But are they equipped with the tools necessary to maximize sales with each prospect and customer?

By giving your staff the tools they need to engage with prospects, you business will be able to:

  • Determine where your prospects are on the buying timeline and meet them there
  • Move prospects along the buying timeline
  • Build trust so that the natural decision is to buy from you
Young brunette hotel receptionist with friendly smile handing over key to client across desk, customers point of view.


Higher conversion rate of prospects to clients
More client loyalty and referrals
A larger base or prospects to market to
Tools to maximize the touch points with your prospects
Empowered staff
Earn the FrontLine Pro Certification

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