Small Business Management Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

Fundera Ledger published an article this week on “The Best Small Business Management Tips from 30 Top Entrepreneurs”. I was thrilled to be featured along with 29 other entrepreneurs (I think I may be the only Canadian entrepreneur in the list, eh?).


I encourage you to read the full article, as it’s filled with practical advice and links to companies that could be a great resource for your business. Of course, with 30 different entrepreneurs giving you advice, you’re bound to get some different opinions, and you definitely see that in the list.  Entrepreneurs are nothing if not opinionated. You ultimately need to decide what resonates with you.

My tip is #15, “Keep Track of Your Books”, and echos similar advice I provided in a Toronto Star interview for Small Business Week last year.  In short, make it a priority to stay on top of your finances and have your accountant hold you accountable for doing so.  Your business success and growth depends on it.

A few companies in particular caught my attention so I thought I’d give them a shout-out here:

#2 Badger Maps on Facilitating Employee Growth – Badger Maps is a sales app for field sales reps and was the #1 sales app in the App Store in 2016.

#5 – ACK Organizing on De-cluttering Your Business – Just spending time at the website makes you feel more calm.

#8 – SD Equity Partners  on Leveraging Company Data – Don’t just collect data, leverage it for operational changes and improved management.

#19 – Lovell Communications on Believing in Your Employees – Great message about not underestimating what your employees can contribute. 

You can read the full list here: “The Best Small Business Management Tips from 30 Top Entrepreneurs”. Fundera Ledger offers great news and advice to small business owners, so be sure to show some social media love and hit the share buttons on the article.

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