Are You Losing Sales and Customers at the Front Desk?

There is one area of business that I find frequently gets less attention than it deserves. And yet, paradoxically, it’s also the area of business that generally gets the most public exposure: The Front Desk. This is often the first and last point of human contact prospects and customers have with your business. So whether you’re an online business with a call centre or a brick-and-mortar shop with a reception desk, it is essential to have a customer service system in place to ensure you’re not losing sales on the front line.

I recently wrote about this topic in a guest blog post for Sales POP! In that article, I talk about a personal experience I had where the business made multiple mistakes in customer service delivery, ultimately costing them a new customer: ME! To see the full article, visit:

The story illustrates what I call the Leaky Bucket Syndrome of poor front desk service. As the graphic on this page shows, you have Leaky Bucket Syndrome in your business when missteps are happening at multiple touch points with prospects and customers, such that the end result is missed sales opportunities. So as fast as you can fill up your bucket with new prospects and customers through your marketing efforts, you’re losing them out the bottom due to poor customer service.

In a previous blog post on marketing alongside your customer’s buying journey, I discuss how “everything you and your staff do is marketing your business”. Having an effective front line customer service system in place is a key component of 360º Marketing. Applying a 360º Marketing approach ensures you are marketing effectively alongside your customer’s entire buying journey.

We know it costs much more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep that same customer. So what are you doing in your business to ensure a top-notch experience for prospects and customers? Putting a system in place will not only help you keep customers and grow your sales, it will provide a duplicatable set of activities your front line team can implement seamlessly. 

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