How to Get Unstuck in Your Sales Process

Sales is as much about improving our sales process as it is about selling goods and services. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck at a certain point in the sales process, and need to figure out just where that sticky point is, so we can get unstuck and go back to increasing our sales. 

A good sales professional is open to life long learning; willing to apply new tools and techniques; and regularly evaluates what’s working and what’s not.

As someone who does sales for my own services, I find it helpful to break the sales process down into 4 steps and evaluate each on a regular basis as part of my overall sales activity. It doesn’t take long to see which area(s) needs attention in order to eliminate roadblocks and increase my sales.

In my latest guest post for SalesPOP!, I review the sales steps and provide self-assessment questions. These questions will help you determine what might be holding you back if you’re not achieving your sales goals.

The sales process can be broken down into:

  1. Filling your pipeline
  2. Following up
  3. Making sales presentations
  4. Closing sales

If you find you don’t have enough people to present to, you may need to spend more time on filling your pipeline. If you’re not making enough sales presentation, a review of your follow-up system may be needed. Wherever the sticky point is, devote time to improving this part of your sales process so you can reap the rewards of increased sales. 

To learn more, hop on over to SalesPOP! to see the full article and self-assessment questions. 

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