Why SMB’s are Turning to Outsourced Sales Management to Grow Sales

In the early stages of a business, the sales manager role is often handled by the business owner out of necessity due to limited resources. But the many demands on a CEO’s time quickly makes this an unsustainable option if sales goals are to be achieved.  The traditional next-step approach to propel sales growth is for businesses to hire a full-time sales manager to oversee the sales team.

Having a sales manager to manage your sales team is a necessity.  It is too risky to assume that individual sales people will effectively manage themselves. Leadership in the sales department is a must: an unmanaged sales force creates hidden costs for business.

But given the high cost of hiring a great sales manager, how do you ensure that the person you hire will deliver an ROI worth the cost of his or her compensation?

Many small and medium businesses are turning to Part-Time Sales Management (PTSM) as a way to grow sales and reduce their sales management risk.  Also known as Outsourced Sales Management, this solution is allowing SMB’s to increase sales at a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales manager.

Below are a few of the many reasons SMB’s are turning to Outsourced Sales Management:

Increase Sales at the Core

Many companies lack repeatable sales systems to make the selling process easier on reps. As a PTSM, my immediate focus is on process and systems. This focus on systems makes it easier for all sales reps to improve their sales results, regardless of whether they are at the bottom end of the sales performance ladder, or somewhere in the middle.  Star sales performers will always be stars. My sales systems focus on elevating your core and lower sales performers. 

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little bit of sales management goes a long way. For SMB’s where a full-time sales manager isn’t in the budget, a PTSM will grow your sales at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time sales manager. And when the day comes that you are ready for a full-time sales manager, the sales systems will already be in place, thus making for a more seamless transition to full-time sales management. 

Take the Sales Manager Role for a Test Drive

I advise companies to “hire a sales manager before hiring a sales manager”. Having an Outsourced Sales Manager in your business on a temporary basis helps you determine what your company needs in a sales manager. This discovery process will guide you in setting the criteria during the hiring process and help to ensure you hire the ideal candidate for the role.

Great sales managers demand high compensation packages for a reason:  they deliver results.  But great sales managers can be hard to find. They need to have a myriad of soft skills (think leadership, inspiration, interpersonal communication) and hard skills (think sales process, latest technology tools, time management).

Use Technology to Increase Accountability

Many SMB’s are not taking advantage of technology to manage and track the sales process. A PTSM will advise on cost-effective technology tools to increase accountability of sales team activities. For example, maximizing the use of a good CRM will help you track sales activities and see who is implementing the sales process… and who isn’t.  

Are you currently operating without a sales manager or with an underperforming sales manager?  Open to learning more about Outsourced Sales Management? Click here to learn more, or contact me for a no-obligation chat.

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