From Average to Superstar: How to Defy the Pareto Principle in Sales

When analyzing their sales data, many companies face the uncomfortable realization that the majority of sales are being generated by a small percentage of the sales team.  Like so many situations in business, the Pareto principle applies to sales in that 80% of sales are often generated by 20% of the team.

I call this 20% the “Sales Superstars”. They are the ones who will consistently exceed quota expectations regardless of the support and sales tools they are given.

But take a deeper look at your sales team and you will find many average performers who aspire to superstar status. They probably often look to the superstars and wonder how they do it, wishing they could emulate them to achieve the same results.

If your company recognizes the superstars with perks and other rewards, you can bet that your team is frustrated that the same people receive them year after year.

So what’s missing?  In most cases, a sales system. Talk to your salespeople one-on-one and you will discover that they simply don’t know what to do at certain key points in the sales process. For some, follow-up is a challenge. For others, they don’t know how to use the phone effectively, or fear using it at all.

The good news is that you can help your average sales people achieve superstar status, and grow your sales in the process, simply by introducing a sales system that every person can follow. Rather than bide your time hoping your average cohort will rise to superstar status by osmosis, give them step-by-step processes that will increase their confidence and help them close more sales.

The secret to consistent, dependable sales growth lies in shifting your sales to a process-driven system, where all reasonably talented salespeople can EXCEL.

A systematic approach to sales with step-by-step processes will result in your sales people taking a more confident posture in their role. Once they know what they need to do and when, they will feel more organized and in control of their sales deals. Processes also help to create more predictability in sales, both for sales people who depend on commissions, and your company that is depending on healthy, predictable sales revenues.



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