REVSquared About Us

Company overview

Ruth van Vierzen, Founder and Owner. Specializing in sales and customer service systems and training for underperforming teams.

Thanks for visiting my website and discovering the solutions provided by my company. Until we get a chance to chat on the phone, here is a bit about me as an introduction.

As the founder of REVSquared Business Growth Agency, I believe in the power of creating sales systems to help businesses grow in a way that is manageable and sustainable in the long term. My clients appreciate my ability to quickly grasp their business  goals and challenges.  Working with my talented team, I have a track record of delivering tangible results using tools and technology that can be easily adopted by your staff, and integrated into your day-to-day operations.

I’m a licensed provider of the SalesQB and Get Clients Now™ programs.  I’m also the creator of Blockbuster Tradeshows and The Red Carpet Method™. I’m passionate about tradeshows as a marketing and sales tool for business and offer guaranteed solutions for B2B companies looking to grow their sales from tradeshows.

My clients:

  • appreciate the value of outsourcing certain functions to an independent, expert service provider
  • have priority short-term project requirements but lack the in-house resources to undertake them
  • prefer to focus on their core area of expertise and depend on REVSquared to handle the sales, marketing and/or operational functions.

I am a Business Speaker/Trainer who provides popular business seminars and workshops on sales and marketing.  My practical, results-focussed workshops are available to conferences, organizations and companies.

Every business is unique and therefore has its own unique reasons for hiring REVSquared.  You may find a complimentary discovery call helpful to see if REVSquared  Business Growth Agency is the right fit for your company.  Visit my Contact us page today.