REVSquared Sales Growth

Discover the proven solution for repeatable sales

The secret to consistent, dependable sales growth lies in shifting your sales to a process-driven system, where all reasonably talented salespeople can EXCEL.

Discover how SMB’s are fixing and managing their sales teams, for maximum results with minimal investment.

Our Outsourced Sales Management services are ideal for B2B companies with 0 to 10 salespeople.

For many small and medium businesses, hiring a full-time sales manager isn’t in the budget. Or it isn’t currently needed given the size of the sales team.  This is where our Part-Time Sales Management (PTSM) services come in.  

Non-contract, month-to-month or project basis. Flexible sales services that meet your needs and budget.

In some companies, you may have a sales manager who is lacking key skills to be fully effective. In that case, a PTSM can act as a productive support to your  sales manager on a temporary basis, filling in gaps as needed.

Where a full-time sales manager isn’t currently an option, the alternative is often to go without, for the CEO to act in the capacity of sales manager, or to promote a high performing sales person to the role. All of these solutions have drawbacks and aren’t sustainable. And practically speaking, you are too busy as CEO to give your sales team the tools and support they need daily.

Purchasing results-driven sales management services on a part-time basis and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales manager, has become a very appealing solution for SMB’s.

There may come a day when hiring a full-time sales manager makes sense. In the meantime, there is no need for your business to suffer. In fact, you will be amazed at what our PTSM services can do for your sales growth and sales team performance.

Using the SalesQB program, we shift your sales to a process-driven system where all reasonably talented salespeople can excel. By establishing a Proven, Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP), we provide you with a dependable, sustainable system that grows your sales and builds a thriving, confident sales team.

These are just some of the challenges our customized sales solutions fix for your in-house, outside and independent sales teams:

Sales process and systems to grow sales • Strategic Sales Planning •  Assistance in sales presentations • Marketing Asset Review • Sales hiring • Sales Training / Coaching • Sales Skills Diagnostics •  Trade Show Planning …  and much more

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“What if your business didn’t rely on star sales performers to generate most of your sales? What would it be worth to your company to duplicate star sales results within your entire sales team?”


Grow your sales at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time sales manager
Our Proven, Repeatable Sales Process allows for faster onboarding of new sales hires
Reduce your risk exposure with a sales system with which any reasonably talented salesperson can excel
Fixes underperforming sales teams
Increased sales efficiency (built-in tracking makes it easy to see who is following the system and who isn't)
Frees up CEO's time to focus on other areas of the business

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