Operations Consulting

Inherent in business growth is the need for operating systems to maximize productivity and customer service, while minimizing errors and expenses. Without efficient systems in place, your customer service will be impacted and ultimately your sales. There is also a significant impact on morale when employees are expected to work with inefficient tools and systems.

Inefficiency costs many organizations up to 30% of their revenue each year. Just imagine what your business could do with that extra 30%.

Manageable, sustainable growth depends on having efficient day-to-day systems in place.

The ground game is the day-to-day operations in which all the blemishes are visible… It has nasty elements such as falling short of milestones, founder conflicts, people getting fired, and missing quarterly numbers… The grind of daily operations can be so exhausting that sometimes you lose sight of why you started the company in the first place… At some point as your company is growing, the ground game will become the focus, for better or worse… never forget that your success as a company will ultimately come down to how well you execute.

Eric Paley, Entrepreneur, INC Magazine Contributor


Operational audits
Sales process review and enhancements
Automation tools for efficiency
Standardization / simplification of internal procedures
Process Mapping
Customer and employee satisfaction surveys

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