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Retention Surveys: Intel, Sales and Marketing all in One!

You know how effective it can be to survey your customers to gather data, but do you look at surveys as a form of marketing for your business?

Conducting regular surveys on your customers is not just a cost-effective way to gather critical decision-making data – it’s also a powerful marketing tool.

Many businesses shy away from conducting surveys for fear of being seen to be “bugging” customers and prospects.  In fact, it’s just the opposite effect.  A well-executed survey leaves customers feeling that you genuinely value their feedback.

With extensive formal training and experience in conducting customer surveys, REVSquared can develop and deliver an end-to-end client survey marketing package for your company.  Although we believe one-on-one phone surveys are most effective, we also deliver software-based surveys.

Contact us to discuss ideas for a customer marketing survey for your business.

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Positive PR

Taking time for a one-on-one interaction lets clients know you care about their feedback

Gather Marketing Stats

When customers tell you what you’re doing well, you can can compile the data to develop statistics that can be added to your advertising (e.g. “We have a 92% satisfaction rate with first-time buyers.”)

Gather Testimonials

It’s time consuming to gather testimonials from clients.  Depending on the structure, surveys can double as testimonial gathering exercises.

Discover Growth Opportunities

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new product or service, or want to know what additional products or services customers want, conducting a survey is a great way to find out

Improve Customer Service

Conducting surveys allows you to spot trends across client responses.  It’s an efficient way to discover gaps in service and areas that require improvement.

Better Decision Making

Client surveys help minimize guesswork in decision-making.  If you’re about to make a significant business decision that impacts your customers, asking their opinion might be a wise decision before you risk losing them as customers.